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COVID-19 Resources

4/17/20 - From the Frontlines: EVS Members During the COVID19 Surge

The COVID-19 surge in the Tristate area has significantly impacted the lives and practices of vascular surgeons. Vascular surgeons from New York and New Jersey discuss the issues they encountered during the COVID 19 pandemic and strategies developed by their hospitals to overcome the challenges.
     - with James McKinsey, Robert Rhee, Karan Garg & Sean Wengerter

  1. EVS and COVID 19 Introduction (2 min)
  2. Impact of COVID 19 on Your Hospital (4 min)
  3. Hospital Preparation and ICU Space (2 min)
  4. Deployment of Surgeons (7 min)
  5. Keeping Track of Patients and Using Telemedicine (5 min)
  6. Preparing for New Roles (4 min)
  7. Vascular Emergencies (7 min)
  8. PPE and Supply Chain (3 min)
  9. Infection of the Vascular Faculty and Staff (5 min)
  10. Going Home to Family After Work (3 min)
  11. Restarting Your Vascular Practice Post COVID (5 min)
  12. Impact of COVID on Trainees (3 min)
  13. What Would You Do Differently (5 min)

4/24/20 – Adjusting to the COVID 19 Pandemic in Non-Surge Areas

With news of COVID-19 surging in areas like Washington and New York, EVS members saw their hospitals making adjustments and preparations for a surge which has yet to come. Our guests discuss how these preparations have changed the logistics and finances of their hospitals and practices.    
     - with James McKinsey, Palma Shaw, Phil Paty, Liz Genovese, and Chris Abularrage

  1. Adjusting to the COVID19 Pandemic in Non-Surge Areas (13 min)
  2. Furloughs and Paycuts (4 min)
  3. Practice Adjustments (4 min)
  4. Setting Up and Billing Telemedicine Visits (5 min)
  5. Resident/Fellow Education and Faculty Rotations (5 min)
  6. Personal and Professional Pandemic Adjustments (4 min)
  7. What Would You Do Differently? (8 min)