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Abstract Guidelines
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2019 Abstract Submissions have closed. 


Abstracts may only be submitted electronically. We encourage you to submit your own work or to sponsor the work of a colleague.
Please read carefully.




ACCME Disclosure

Authors are required to complete the conflict of interest section when submitting an abstract. Additionally, the submitting/corresponding author will now be asked the following two questions during the submission process:

• What professional practice gap does this abstract address?
• How will this abstract influence change in competence, performance or patient outcomes?

ACCME Policy on Employees of Commercial Interests

Industry employees can be authors, but cannot be presenters if the content of the abstract relates to the business lines and products of its employer.

SVS and SVS VAM Poster Session

1.  Work submitted to SVS and accepted for ORAL presentation should not be submitted to the EVS.
2.  Work submitted to the SVS and accepted as poster at the SVS VAM can be submitted to EVS. IF ACCEPTED to EVS for oral presentation it can still be presented as poster at the SVS annual meeting but the authors are NOT ALLOWED to participate in the SVS VAM Championship Rounds (selecting the best abstracts for oral presentations in the last day of the meeting).

Journal of Vascular Surgery

 Abstracts accepted for oral presentation at the Eastern Vascular Society’s 2019 Annual Meeting will be submitted for publication in the August 2019 issue of the Journal of Vascular Surgery. Please note the change in policy from 2018, where abstracts submitted or accepted for poster to the EVS will not be submitted to the Journal in 2019. The author confirms that the results cited in the abstract are final and will not change once the manuscript is submitted for publication. These published abstracts are citable, and it is imperative that they are accurate and conclusions are final.

Manuscript Submission to the Journal of Vascular Surgery Publications

The authors of abstracts that are accepted for oral presentations are required to submit a manuscript to the Journal of Vascular Surgery Publications no later than May 01, 2019. The Editors will determine the Journal in which accepted manuscripts will be published. The exception is for the authors of Basic Science abstracts, who will be encouraged but not required to submit a manuscript to the Journal of Vascular Surgery Publications. Authors of the poster presentations are encouraged but not required to submit a manuscript to the Journal of Vascular Surgery Publications.


If you have submitted an abstract to the Eastern Vascular Society meeting using OASIS, please use the same login information. If this is your first time visiting the Eastern Vascular Society abstract submission site, please select “Click here to create a new user account”. You will be prompted to enter your contact information, and to select a new login and password for use with the abstract submission system.

  • Follow the instructions as requested by the program and complete all submission steps.
  • To complete each step, make sure that you have entered information into all of the required fields and click the “Save and Continue” button.
  • Abstracts that do not adhere to the submission policy will not be confirmed as complete by the system. Only completed abstracts will be considered.
  • When you have completed your work, click on the “review my work” link to verify that your submission is complete and appears the way you want to submit it.
  • If requested, the Oasis Abstract System will send you a confirmation email once your submission is complete.

Notification of acceptance will be emailed in April of 2019. 


The title should be entered in Title Case and bolded. DO NOT use a period at the end of the title. Example: A Properly Formatted Title

The system will allow you to designate an author as a Primary Author. As such, this will be the main point of contact for information regarding this submission. If the submitter is not the primary author, please ensure that the primary author's email is correctly listed. Additional authors also may be entered and the system allows you to change the place that authors will appear in listings.

It is the policy of the Eastern Vascular Society that either the primary author or one of the co-authors of each abstract must be a member of the EVS. If none of the authors are members of the Society, a member of the Society must sponsor the abstract. The EVS will send all correspondence regarding the submission to the primary author or member sponsor. Member Sponsors are required to forward a letter to the Society’s Administrative Offices or upload the letter with your on-line abstract submission.

When entering your abstract text, do not include title or authors in this text. After you enter the text of your abstract, click the Submit button to save your work. Once the Abstract text is saved, you will be given the opportunity to add a graphic or table to this submission. IMPORTANT: No reference should be made in or on the abstract to the name of the authors or institutions. Also, DO NOT REFERENCE THE INSTITUTION IN THE BODY OF THE ABSTRACT. Failure to follow this guideline will result in the abstract being excluded from Review by the Program Committee.


Abstracts are limited to 375 words (50 word minimum).

One table, image or figure may be used within your abstract, and counts for 25 words. For Case Presentations, a maximum of 5 images and/or figures may be used within your abstract.

Your abstract should be structured as follows.

Objectives: A brief statement of the purpose of the study and the current state of research in the field.
Methods: The methods of study or experimental approach clearly, but briefly, defined.
Results: A summary of the results of the study, including sufficient details to support those conclusions. These may be presented in a brief table.
Conclusions: A statement concerning the significance of the work and its possible implications for future research.

  • PowerPoint and Excel files cannot be uploaded in the system.
  • If you do not maintain within with minimum or maximum character limit, the system will not accept your submission as “complete” and will show your submission as “incomplete” in the list of submitted abstracts.



  • Do not include title or authors within the abstract text.
  • Do not include institution identifiers within the body of the abstract.
  • Format in boldface type the Objective(s), Methods, Results and Conclusions.
  • Do not use footnotes or references.

Options for entering text in the system:

Enter your abstract text in the text box or upload a Microsoft Word document file directly into the system.


  • Graphics may be uploaded to the system and should be submitted separately from the abstract text. Choose the graphic you wish to upload and then click the Continue button to send your file. 
  • The recommended graphic size, to optimize resolution, is 2 inches wide by 3 inches tall and 300 DPI. Please note the graphic may appear large on screen, however it will be adapted for publication. Supported formats are limited to GIF and JPG files.
  • Once the graphic is saved, the keyword $$graphic_?$$ will be added to the end of your Abstract body. Afterwards, you may edit your abstract body and type $$graphic_?$$ anywhere in the body that you wish your graphic to be placed.


Tables are designed right in the system. Some tables that are too large or require too much text may not appear in the abstract correctly.

TOPIC (CATEGORY) – Authors are required to select a category for their submission:

A – Open and Endovascular Aortic Repair
B – Basic Science
C – Carotid Artery Interventions
D – Peripheral Arterial Open Procedures

E – Peripheral Endovascular Procedures

F – Venous Disease
G – Vascular Lab
H – Dialysis Access
I – Other

PRESENTATION TYPES - You must indicate the preferred presentation type as follows:

  • Abstract
  • Case Presentation
  • Video
  • Poster


If submitting a video, you MUST submit an abstract via the abstract submission site. All submissions must include an abstract with a maximum of 375 words (minimum of 50). Go to the “New Abstract” link. Next is the Presentation Preference Step. Be sure to select Video from the drop down menu. Do not paste any reference to the authors or institutions in the Abstract Body. Do not use footnotes or references.

ALL videos must be RECEIVED uploaded by the published deadline using the following format. 

    • Videos may not exceed 5 minutes in length.
    • Quicktime (.mov) or MPEG4 (.mp4), both encoded with h.264 only or MPEG2 (.mpg) or Windows Media Video (.wmv), all at a minimum 640x480 resolution or 720x480 and minimum 700kb/s bitrate and 29.97 frame rate.
    • Please include the presenting author’s name and the control number of the submission for reference.
    • Please upload video files to Dropbox here. *Please note - some Institutions block Dropbox.  You may need to contact your IT department to process as a safe URL or upload a home internet connection.


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